Ultrasonic Sieves

Lab Test Sieve Shaker with an electromagnetic drive which produces a 3D throwing motion that moves the product to be sieved equally over the whole sieving surface.

The advantage: high stress capacity, extremely smooth operation and short sieving times with high separation efficiency.

Application :

Cement clinker, chemicals, coffee, construction materials, fertilizers, fillers, flours, grains, metals powders, minerals, nuts, plastics, sand, seeds, soils, washing powder, ...

Product advantages:

  • Suitable for dry and wet sieving

  • Excellent separation efficiency even with short sieving times

  • Efficient electromagnetic drive

  • 3-D throwing motion which ensures optimum use of the open sieve area and lets the sample move equally over the whole sieving surface

  • Sieve stack up to 450 mm height

  • Free adjustment of all process parameters (time, amplitude)

  • Optional comfort clamping device

  • Maintenance-free

  • Easy operation, ergonomic design

Date sheet


in all industries for dry, powdered and granular products

Particle feed sizes:

2 micron up to 4 mm

Feed rates:

10-500 grams

Bulk densities:

20 - 10000 grams/litre

Mesh openings:

> 50 micron



No. of screens:

8x50 mm high or 16x25 mm high

Screen movement:


Screen receiver:



> 0-99 min adjustable


360 x 790 mm


40 kgs

Electr. Power:

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0,019 kW, 12 A,