Block Ice Plants with capacities from 2 up to 100 t/day

Product explanation

1 BLOCK ICE Machine GENERATOR: Capacity from 20,7 t/day or bigger

Total capacity: 2484 PCS , 25 kg ice block , 62,100KG /24h Water temp: 25C Ambient temp: 35C Weight of ice block: 25 kg Daily no of harvest: 3 shifts Mould amount and dimension : 276 MOULDS x 3 pools , 12,5 X 25 X 98 (cm) Made Of 1 mm, AISI 304 stainless steel material with mould holders welded tightly for easy take Off. Capacity calculation: 276 (12 moulds in 23 rows) ice moulds x 3 shifts per DAY = 828 ICE BLOCKS x 3 Pools = 2484 ice blocks X 25 kg = 62,100 kg per 24h Freezing tank: Covered with AISI 304 chrome material supported with steel frame, Polyurethane and plywood insulation. Strong insulation saves more energy. This causes

Low consumption of energy Defrosting tank: Made of AISI 304 stainless steel with extraction device.

2. Refrigeration Plant

compressors and ref. Capacity: half hermetic compressor mark recognised By worlds most known as bitzer, (made in germany). Every ice pool will have 2 compressors working independently.

Model of compressor: 2 for each pool 6f-40.2y- 40p, cooling capacity of each Electrical power: 380-415 v, 3 phase, 50hz. Condenser type: water cooled, suitable for tropical ambient temperatures. other devices: -15-20 'c evaporation coils, digital temperature control, low And high pressure control, overflow security , liquid collector, oil Pressure control , termistor control, digitally control for breakdowns , Refrigerant: r404a

3. electric panel:

all electrical controls are siemens mark made of sections according to ip55, different sections for refrigeration Group and mixer for brine circulation, switches with automatic function and safety protection. the command panel will be constructed with all necessary connections to Run the complete plant.

4. mould lifting crane : capable to move up down, to and fro. Carries mouldings Attached to each other. Manually controlled with hand control unit. Will be Mounted on top of building

5. water pre-cooling: water to ice cans will be filled with 5'c water. This is enabled By using pre-cooling chiller. Chiller cools water from 30'c to 10'c and from 10'c to 5'c resepctively by water cisculation. Cooling type is panel evaporation type.