Belt Filter Press

Chamber Filter Press , with different capacities available with
Sewage pump Model:JY-25-25 Power:3kw Flow:25t/h
Head:25m Synchronous speed:3000r/min Matching pipe:65mm
Machine Function: This machine is for pumping the high moisture sludge from tank into compressing filter.

Part 2 Filter system :
1 Hydraulic Filter press Model:1250*1250mm
Capacity:16-20t/h(initial moisture
Thickness of filter cake:30mm
Filtering area:150mē
Number of filter plate:57 filter plates
Filtering chamber:56 pieces
Overall dimension:6200*1900*1700mm
Machine Function: This machine is used for separating solid sludge and waste water. After this process, the original moisture could arrive less than 30%.
The machine includes filter press, 2 motors, Auto Plate-shifting system and water channel.

if wanted :
2 Skirt Belt conveyor Model:PSJ-5 Power:3kw Hength:5m Width:0.9m
3 Skirt Belt conveyor Model:PSJ-6 Power:4kw
Height: Can be adjust by actual demand Hength:6m Width:0.9m